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        XXCOPY (Legacy Version) Test Drive Request     Form 71-2967

    Thank you for your interest in XXCOPY.   Before making a purchasing decision, you may try out the XXCOPY Pro Edition on your system for 60 days on a trial basis.

    This version of XXCOPY is designed to run correctly only in 32-bit Windows environment.  You should not use this version in a 64-bit Windows environments.

    This is a legacy version (v.2.96.7) of XXCOPY-Pro that is made available to those who are in a special circumstance that forces to stay in Windows 95/98/ME.  This is the most recent release version of XXCOPY that supports Windows 95/98/ME.  This version of XXCOPY does not support Unicode pathnames.

    If you need XXCOPY for Windows NT4 or Windows 2000, please try another legacy version (v.3.08.0) at www.xxcopy.com/form71-3080.htm.

    Please do not expect any tech support on legacy versions of XXCOPY.  We strongly suggest everyone the use of the lastest version of XXCOPY.

    After a test drive and if you wish to acquire the XXCOPY-Pro license for routine usage, please order a "regular" version (the current release version) first, and then send us an Email (via tech support) and ask for the old version.

    XXCOPY Version 2.96.7 Released 2010-05-15

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