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Number : 506 Date : 2001-08-01 Author : Jack Kitchen Subject : Re: Removal of Index.dat and Content.IE5 Folder Size(KB) : 1
--- In xxcopy@y..., Ken Ross wrote: > I am struggling with a way to delete the Index.dat file and the > folder > C:\windows\temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 with a batch > file. > > This is what I have tried: > xxcopy "C:\windows\temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\" /RS /yy > > but it doesn't work. > > Can anyone steer me in the right direction? > > Thanks, > Ken You are going to have to drop down to pure DOS to do that. Here are the instructions: 1) First, go to Internet Options and clear your Temporary Internet Files 2) Restart your machine, and press the F8 key before the "starting windows 9x" message appears. Choose Command Prompt Only from the boot menu. Alternatively, put a non-bootable floppy in the drive and boot the computer with it in. You'll get an error. Now, take the floppy out of the drive, and tap the F8 key twice. Once, will be "any key" to continue and the second will invoke the boot menu. Now, type the following commands, hitting enter after each one of course. This is the safest way to do it. smartdrv (this is for the disk cache, may take a while without) cd \windows deltree /y tempor~1 and if needed or desired (you probably don't need to do this) deltree /y cookies deltree /y history ctrl-alt-del to restart your machine. Windows should rebuild the Temporary Internet Files et al, but if it doesn't right away don't panic, just start using IE.
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