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Number : 1245 Date : 2002-01-05 Author : yidkb Subject : Re: Wild-Source Size(KB) : 1
Thanks. That solved the problem with *cookies* to find all cookies directories, but it doesn't work with *temp* to find all "temporary internet files" directories. I'm using: xxcopy c:\*\*temp*\ /L /H. --- In xxcopy@y..., Kan Yabumoto wrote: > > Dear Yidkb: > > You were close. Both you and Michael was carried away by > the wild-wild card feature. You both were doing fine with > the source specifier syntax. But, I believe you problem > was the directory attributes. > > In most systems, the cookies directory is marked hidden. > So, make sure you add the /H switch. > > xxcopy c:\*\*cookies*\ /L /H > > (Here' I don't know what you want with the command and > therefore added the /L to be a harmless command). > > By the way, I used to use my personal utility, WHERE.EXE > which lists all files with wildcards, etc. Now, I use the > following batch file which is even more versatile: > > where.bat > ----------------------------------------------- > xxcopy /lzdl/s/h %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 > ----------------------------------------------- > > The only subtle thing you need to remember with this > batch file is to make sure you starts with a backslash > to specify the pattern you are looking for unless you > mean to search in the current directory and below. > > Example: > > where.bat c:\*cookies*\ > > Which by the virtue of the /S switch in the batch file, > is equivalent to the following search pattern. > > c:\*\*cookies*\ > > Kan Yabumoto > ======================================================= > At 2002-01-05 10:15, you wrote: > >No matter what I do, I can't get the wild-source to work. I'm trying > >to tell xxcopy to find all the files in ALL the "cookies" directories > >under c:\. I tried xxcopy c:\*\*cookies*\ and every derivative I > >could think of, but itx won't find the directories. Could someone tell > >me the correct way? Thanks.
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