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From:    Kan Yabumoto           tech@xxcopy.com
To:      XXCOPY user
Subject: XXCOPY's Exit Code (for ERRORLEVEL checking)
Date:    2004-09-09  (revised)


  Upon the completion of execution, Windows (and DOS) programs return
  a 16-bit value (8-bit value in DOS) to the parent process.  XXCOPY
  is of no exception.  The value is usually referred to as Exit code
  which is also widely known as the ERRORLEVEL value in batch file
  programming.  Due to the DOS compatibility, the batch program can
  examine only the low order 8-bit value (0 - 255) for testing.  The
  exit code provides a mechanism to evaluate the result of the program
  execution which can be incorporated in a conditional branch operation
  (for IF ERRORLEVEL n GOTO ...).

  For related topics on batch file technique, see, XXTB #19.

XXCOPY's standard exit codes:

     Exit Code  Comment (in default mode with /ER0)
         0     No error, Successful operation
        1-32   Reserved
        33     Aborted by user
        34     Illegal command parameter
        35     Invalid DOS version
        36     The current directory is invalid
        37     Resident DATMAN wrong version
        38     Cannot create the destination directory
        40     Some fatal error has occurred
        41     Invalid source specifier
        42     Invalid destination specifier
        43     Invalid exclusion item specifier
        44     Disk Full
        45     Share violation error
        46     Conditional termination
        47     Path name exceeds the file system's limit
        48     Cannot overwrite read-only file
        49     Problem in network
       100     No files were found to copy
      101-254  # errors in file copy (1-154, biased by 100)
        255    # errors exceeding 154 files

XCOPY-compatible exit codes:

    Exit Code  Comment (in XCOPY-compatible mode with /ER)
         0     No error, Successful operation
         1     No files were found to copy
         2     Aborted by user
         4     Disk Full, command syntax error, etc.
         5     Disk write error.

The Built-in Exit Code Help:

   The error code tables shown above are also available as a
   built-in Help text by running the following switch.


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