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From:    Kan Yabumoto           tech@xxcopy.com
To:      XXCOPY user
Subject: The HTML-Style Help file for XXCOPY
Date:    2007-08-18  (revised)


    We recommend everyone who uses XXCOPY on a regular basis,
    or who tries to learn the program in any way to download the
    XXCOPY.CHM file, an HTML-style help file for XXCOPY.

    It is a self-contained help file that includes all techincal
    bulletin articles published in the XXCOPY home page plus
    convenient alphabetical index of all XXCOPY command switches.
    It is colorful and extremely well-organized.

      Download in the ZIP format: http://www.xxcopy.com/xcpy_chm.zip

    Alternatively, you may download the xxcopy.chm file itself
    (without being inside a ZIP file) at the followoing URL:

      Download directly: http://www.xxcopy.com/xxcopy.chm

      (See the special instruction below when you encounter difficulties
      reading the XXCOPY.CHM file.) 

Who created it:

    Mr. John Zeman of Iowa, U.S.A. designed it, and still maintains
    it to this day.  John was just a user of XXCOPY.  He made this
    file available to *ALL* fellow XXCOPY users without any form of
    compensation from us, Pixelab, the publisher of this software.

    John is also a friend to all in the XXCOPY discussion group
    and is very knowldegeable in pretty much everything in XXCOPY
    operations.  He is a very humble and selfless individual.

       Join the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xxcopy

How to use XXCOPY.CHM:

    When you use an Internet Browser (e.g., Windows Explorer, or FireFox),
    and specify the URL of the ZIP file version of the XXCOPY.CHM file,
    http://www.xxcopy.com/xcln_chm.zip, or just click the hyperlink to
    initiate an access to the CHM file, the browser will automatically
    start downloading the file.  You should move the sole content of
    the ZIP file to your Desktop, or save it somewhere and place its
    shortcut icon on the Desktop.  The xxcopy.chm file that is extracted
    from the ZIP file should be ready for viewing.

    When you download the CHM file rather than the ZIP format version
    (http://www.xxcopy.com/xxcopy.chm), the download step will proceed
    just like a ZIP file.  But, the file property need to set properly
    in order to view the help pages correctly.

For the first time user:

    When you download the XXCOPY.CHM file for the first time, you will
    probably encounter the following pop-up warning message:

      Dont check the box

    If you don't pay attention to this and proceed with the check box

       [v] Always ask before opening this file

    Then, you will end up with the following page with the CHM file.

      Dont check the box

    And you may have to scratch your head for some time.
    This nuisance started presumably with some Internet Explorer
    update you performed in recent weeks.  The failure to display
    the proper text in the right-hand pane of the help file is
    a result of security setting of your browser system.

    If you see this happen, just terminate the XXCOPY.CHM session first.
    There are a couple of ways to fix this problem.

    1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the XXCOPY.CHM file and right-click
       the file to reach its Property sheet.  And click the "Unblock"

      Dont check the box

    2. Or, start XXCOPY.CHM once again (either by clicking the shortcut
       icon or using any other method).  You will be greeted with the same
       warning message about the "Unknown Publisher".

       This time, make sure that you uncheck the option:

          [ ] Always ask before opening this file

    Either way, you will not see the warning again for this copy of the
    XXCOPY.CHM file.

© Copyright 2016 Pixelab All rights reserved.

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