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Number : 1382 Date : 2002-01-21 Author : urdbv Subject : Kan Yabumoto (thanks) Size(KB) : 0
I just one the prof version for a day and came up with the following questi= on: XXCopy /X*.* /IN*.avi f:\testdir /RS /S /ED /WE should work in my opinion.= =20 I try to tell XXCopy exclude all exept *.avi. In this case the /X should be overuled by /IN*.avi. Is there another way to do this?, so you can erase with a simple command all log files, tmp files etc. from the whole drive. A great program with many nice features, but also very dangerous for mouse clicker's! With kindest regards, A. Verkuil (by the way solved it already with the syntax Xxcopy f:\testdir\*.avi /RS /= S /Y /PD0 /WE)